Friends and Fitness
One of our latest facebook apps, Friends and Fitness allows you to track you workout, find workout buddies, and share your activities with friends.
Fantasy Book
Facebook fantasy football application crated as a social networking alternative to Yahoo fantasy sports. Fantasy Book was eventually sold.
Facebook Gift Cards
Another facebook application designed as a gifting app where users would give actual gift certificates.
My Favorite Places Yelp
Stand alone web application allowing users to search geographical regions by category and use map navigation for filtering.
iPhone Applications
Web Analytics application built for the iPhone.
My Favorite Places Facebook
Geo bloging application combining social networking. Blog about where you have been what you have done and places you love then share it with friends
Graph My Friends
This application is a visual metaphor for the social graph.
Visual Shopping
Amazon mash-up illustrating the concept of a visual shopping metaphor combined with experiments in 4 dimensional browsing. We received a Techcrunch article for this application under the brand of ""
Multi-Player Turn-Based Football Simulation
Social media football game based on the combination of real time strategy gaming with turn based deterministic social gaming.
Loan Calculator
Trulia mash-up combing real estate search alone with a visual metaphor for helping potential buyers determine how much they can afford.
Real Estate Search
IBM Analytics Dashboard
Consulting project for IBM to design and architect a new version of the IBM web annalistic reporting tool.
UT Southwestern Patient Records Dashboard
Research project in conjunction with UT Southwestern Medical School to develop an electronic patient records dashboard for Doctors to track the status of their patients.
Enterprise Reporting Tools
Enterprise Reporting Tools
Enterprise Reporting Tools

We have really smart people who are always thinking up totally cool stuff.

Welcome to the world's most dynamic eBusiness marketing, design, and consulting agency. We provide clients with groundbreaking business strategies and cutting-edge designs.

Our office is really modern and we've got nice computers and stuff. If you ever saw it, you'd say "Wow, cool office. These guys are totally legit." Our name might confuse you, but, you have to admit, our logo is pretty cool. That's because we designed it with New Web 2.0 Technology™. We also excel at turning regular words into "eWords," like eSynergy—and creating new ones, like invisioneering.

Our marketing and consultant clients are numerous and prestigious—far too numerous and prestigious to name. You'll just have to take our word. They're all big, successful companies that make lots of money; and they are always satisfied with our service. Since we don’t have any testimonials on here you'll have to take our word on this, too.

We’ll deliver your new designs and business strategies in snazzy binders that look nice sitting on big, round meeting tables. That way you'll think you got your money's worth. And you will.

To get more information on our revolutionary, cross-market eSavvy solutions, email One of our multi-talented, new-age eMovers will contact you with more information.

Now what we really do—create social media strategies:

The term social media refers to a variety of different applications and platforms, including blogs, forums, wikis, podcasts, and social networking sites, like Facebook and Twitter. Any interactive on-line destination where people can potentially have a conversation about your brand or industry constitutes social media.

Why social media marketing?

TV viewership is dwindling; iPods are quickly replacing radio stations as the premiere outlet for music; and print publications are losing their readerships to the web. Individuals in the 18–35 year old bracket are on the Internet—and even more of them will be in the next five years—getting news, music, movies, and social interaction. If you intend to keep pace with the competition, you need a social media strategy to create a buzz where consumers are.

Secondly, traditional banner ads are ineffective; they’re relatively expensive, and young people are adept at tuning them out. In embracing social media, your company will cut costs and reach a young audience using fresh, original campaigns.

Lastly and most importantly, social media allows companies to create "stickier" relationships with potential customers than they can through traditional advertising. A vast majority of viewers who see a television commercial forget it shortly after. The level of engagement is far deeper through social media, when, for example, someone joins your Facebook group, passes on your viral video, and votes for a friend’s entry to your video contest.

How any business can benefit from social media marketing:

1. Create a mechanism for word–of-mouth marketing using social media—ideally, an application that engages people in a fun activity they’ll want to share with friends. Adam Sartner, analyst with market research firm Gartner, offers this tip: make sure your campaign has a clear purpose beyond “get people talking.

2. Allow people to become your brand ambassadors. (Example: every time I wear my Nike t-shirt I become a brand ambassador for Nike.) In this way, millions of individual people constitute a distribution channel.

3. Create a strong reason to share your information. Learn what interests your potential customers, and how they communicate those interests with friends. Your content could be silly and fun to pass on, or vital information that people feel compelled to share, like details of a new medical treatment.

A successful social media marketing campaign can expose your brand to millions of new customers. Here is an example:

  • Inetrobe wants to get the word out about their exciting new ice cream flavor. They create an online application that allows people to make their own ice cream flavors and share their ideas with friends.
  • Inetrobe creates a set of integration points on a variety of social media platforms, including Twitter, Bebo, Myspace, Facebook, and Orkut.          
  • Andy joins the Inetrobe Facebook application—which he can access on his computer or iPhone—and starts creating new flavors. He can also see flavors his friends created.
  • Every time Andy comes up with a new flavor all his friends and associates see an update on their feed about the activity. Soon millions of people who were previously unfamiliar with Inetrobe are interacting with the app, coming up with different ice cream flavors.
  • Eventually Inetrobe creates a similar application for pies and cakes to appeal to more people. Inetrobe doesn’t actually sell these products but it’s highly likely people who enjoy them also like ice cream.
  • Inetrobe begins to expand the market for ice cream and penetrate new markets.


You can also use social mediato monitor and respond to negative feedback about your brand.

For example, if someone complains about your customer service on Twitter—and your social media specialist follows all conversations that use your brand name—he has the opportunity to address the issue in real-time. You can also track other social media outlets, like blogs and RSS feeds to understand what people are saying about your products.
Start generating a buzz for your brand through social media by contacting Really. We do cool stuff.